Collaborative Creative Healing

The power of creativity is very strong, and often times it can be an individuals bridge to recovering self-confidence, identity and purpose. At HRA, we assist your natural creative abilities in a organic, non-judgemental way. Then, you have the option of allowing other members of the HRA community to not only enjoy your work, but add their own creative voice to it.

The Collaborative Creative Healing method, which HRA has utilized for over a decade, has countless success stories. Further, “CCH” produces an undeniable result of an emotional ¬†group catharsis with recorded proof.

Music interventions are used to accomplish individual goals within a therapeutic relationship through creative and musical methods.

Our Process


The creative interest of the client is discovered and discussed.


Using their creative interest as a basis, an original creative work is made. This could be a song, poem, film, visual art…..anything.


The client has improved self confidence, renewed sense of purpose and often times an urge to collaborate.

A young girl with diagnosed with cancer writes a song and creates a recording of it on piano. Then, residents at a Treatment Center add guitar and drums to the track. Lastly, a client we work with in the home creates a video for the song.



Who we Serve

  • Residential and Outpatient Treatment Centers
  • Schools
  • Veterans Services
  • Homeless Communities
  • TAY (Transitional Aged Youth)

Who we Serve

  • Substance Recovery
  • Individuals and Families
  • Hospitals
  • Corporations (Speaking/Team Building)
  • Retreats (Speaking/Facilitating)

Additional Services

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School Assembly Program

For eight years, HRA has provided an innovative, educational and extremely FUN assemblies program to Los Angeles area schools. There are two assembly programs offered:

  1. “Unleash Your Voice”

    In less than one hour, HRA takes an auditorium full of kids on a musical journey where they learn how to play any instrument in less than a minute, form a band, write a song and play a HUGE rock concert in front of the auditorium.

  2. “America’s Song”

    In less than one hour, HRA provides an unforgettable ride through one of America’s greatest exports: Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock and Hip Hop and how music mirrors and encourages social change. With an amazing live band acting as your tour guide along with a multi media presentation, “America’s Song” is the opposite of boring.

Speaking Engagements

Matt Wilczynski brings an innovative and proven approach, unmatched creativity and layered experience to any speaking engagement. Matt’s method of allowing people to break down barriers using the power of creativity which keep us from success or our focus and purpose has already been a runaway triumph at trainings, seminars, panels and retreats. This is not simply “motivational speaking” Since Matt involves the whole group using the “Collaborative Creative Healing” method this is not simply “motivational speaking”……this is “motivated doing”.